Safety First

Keeping our Employees & Guests Safe

At Hot Table, we have always taken panini very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. We have fun. We’re a little edgy because we believe that life should be fun (and food should be delicious).  We want you to know that we’re also taking today’s world challenges very seriously. Here’s what we’re doing to continue to keep our restaurants clean and help keep our employees and guests safe:

Hand Washing & Face Masks

Well, we have always washed our hands – that would be gross if we didn’t. However, we are scrubbing in like surgeons now – longer and even more often. And, we’re following all local health regulations when gloves and face masks are required.



We are being diligent in our sanitizing and cleaning procedures on all surfaces, tables and equipment (Our sanitizers are the right ones to protect from spreading Coronavirus.) We are following health department, CDC and restaurant industry best practices to ensure a healthy environment for ordering and dining where available. We are also following all local rules on slowly reopening our dining rooms (EX: limiting the number of people inside our shop, proper 6’ spacing on the floor so customers know where to stand in line or wait for order, and minimizing number of tables in the dining room.)


Forks, straws & cup lids

We have temporarily moved all of these behind the counter. Just ask on of our team members for one and we will gladly get you what you need.

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